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Her Raw-yal Highness Kate Middleton's Raw Pregnancy

Many have heard stories that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is now pregnant, even though that has not been confirmed by the royal family. She is believed to eat completely raw meals about one day per week, in an effort to maintain her trim figure and to have a more radiant skin.

It’s reported that she’s developed a particular craving for ceviche, which consists of raw fish that has been marinated in spices and lemon or lime juice. She also enjoys almond milk, goji berries and watermelon.

Time will tell if she's not also trying to get her body in the best possible shape for her next (current?) pregnancy

(we heard it first from Angela Stokes-Monarch)

What would you ask Dr Brian Clement about your Raw Pregnancy?

This weekend I'll be meeting Dr Brian Clement from Hippocrates Health Institute.

Dr Clement has been running the Hippocrates health institute for decades and has done some impressive research on Raw Food.

His children were born out of Raw Pregnancies.

It is a rare opportunity to ask him some questions about your Raw Pregnancy and I'd like to invite you to post your questions in the comments section below!

I will let you know what his answers were!

You can ask as many questions as you like but please create a separete comment for each question.

I'm not sure if Dr Clement will have time for all questions, so I will ask them in the order in which they come in. So, If you want to be certain to get an answer don't hesitate!

Click on "leave comment" / "Plaats een reaktie" and type your question now!

Remineralize your body and teeth during your raw pregnancy

Many pregnancies today still end up in tooth damage or tooth loss.

Unawareness of the importance of specific nutrition may be one of the causes.

Your raw pregnancy is no guarantee that your teeth will be fine. In fact, the raw vegan diet may be insufficient to give you the exact nutrients for your teeth during your raw pregnancy unless you take extra care, for example with extra sun for vitamin D and some raw natto extract for your vitamin K2.

Weston Price proved in the 1930's that teeth can actually be healed with the right nutrients. Amazingly, this knowledge spreads very slowly. Most people including dentists are unaware how specific nutrients can prevent and even heal tooth decay. This program may bring you up to speed! Click here.

With the knowledge of this program I have personally experienced that using these nutrients can heal an oncoming root infection and saved me from undergoing a root canal job.

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